Dance for Smita Shastri is both a passion and a mission.

As an individual performer she has continuously explored and innovated to enrich its value. Her global footprint and varied expression at different stages and styles indicate her skills, versatility and dedication to push herself to higher levels all the time.

As a Guru she has shared her expertise and experience with many students to prepare them to carry it further while developing as better and fuller personalities professionally and personally.

As an Innovator, she has successfully introduced “Dikshant Samaroh” to give new dimensions and meaning to the traditional form of Arangatrem to open up new vistas in the field of dance.

As a Promoter of Dance, she has organized several activities and events through numerous media to take it to society and sensitize it to the value and relevance in the lives of people.

As a Visionary and Missionary, she has contributed through various committees shaping policies and developing guidelines for the progress of dance with passion.

Dance and its role in society is a lifetime connect for Smita Shastri.

She has over the years gathered expertise, experience, contacts & credibility to reach a position where she can make substantial contributions to enhance its value.

She already has the willingness and has demonstrated her commitment.

She is open to more challenges and opportunities.